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    It's a work in progress, I have part of the driver's side door to finish. I also have to sand a small area on the passenger side. The bumper also needs some work, or I just maybe buy one from the junkyard. Everything that was once silver or chrome, except the side mirrors will be gold. The whole car was done with 12 cans of spray primer. It needs a washing because I don't have much ventilation in my garage so spray dust has settled all on the paint making it appear chalky.

    Sorry for the uber crappy pics.

    Test area for the gold trim:

    After I've finished painting the exterior I'm redoing my entire interior, I'm going for maybe a red or even yellow interior. After that I'll be working on a design for a sub box to replace the back seats.
    So far I've restored the interior so everything works like it used to, door locks, power windows, etc.
    After this I'll be working on getting my transmission and engine in proper working order. My transmission has some problems shifting into reverse when it's cold. Spark plugs need replacing, needs a tune up, muffler with a 90 degree bend to a side exhaust tip, hopefully I'll pull a dual exhaust from a tbird and get dual side exhaust.
    If the car is running uber smooth, following mods will be done.
    Flame thrower kit for exhaust, turbo coupe hood, spoiler, rims.
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    Default Re: Black 87 Cougar

    looks like it's coming along swell. what kinda wheels you going to put on there?
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    Default Re: Black 87 Cougar

    I dunno yet. The paint is horrible. After a few washings the paint is begining to fade. I'm going to remove the entire front of the car for sanding and prepping next week, prime it with better higher quality primer and better paint.

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