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Thread: 84Bird SN95-8.8 and front spindle swap with cobra brakes.. what wheels to buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elantbird84 View Post
    Hi Guys

    My 84 bird SN95 8.8 axle, 5-lug front spindle / cobra brake upgrade is nearly complete. I am now looking toward wheels and tires. I would like to use the 03 Cobra wheels and tires from LMR. I'm wondering if they will fit correctly. Below is a rundown of my configuration.

    • 1998 Mustang 8.8 axle with cobra disk brake conversion
    • 95 mustang front spindles with 13" brake upgrade
    • stock front lower control arms

    I really dont want to spend that money to have them not fit. Im thinking they will fit fine as most mustang wheels will fit.. but wanted y'all opinion/confirmation. Thank you.
    you didn't happen to use one of the SN95 kits from LMR did you??

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    Default spindles

    Quote Originally Posted by Kristwitch View Post
    you didn't happen to use one of the SN95 kits from LMR did you??
    No. Using a pair from a 95 V6 car i got from the pick and pull.
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