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Thread: 2 1/2'' exhaust tubing over rear axle

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    Lol it’s called a brainfart. I have them waaaay to much lately

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    so after you specifically told me what you said,, i went out and did this after toiling with "how to" get a decent support on the tubing yet not have the cats bumping the floor.

    i went out there thinking,, yeah, yeah,, ok,, the pipes follow the body,, got it....................

    u bolt the pipes to the tunnel metal bar.............. yup good to go.................. NOT!!!!!!!!!

    when the engine torques i suspect this principle will slowly yank all my band clamps loose.

    i will revise.

    man why do i get all caught up in stupid stuff that ends up taking me days to make me happy ............??

    its alright though,, i think i can cut that bracket into two pieces and make them just long enough to reach over each individual pipe.
    secure the metal bracket(s) to thier original mounts on the floor pan but have a rubber gasket between.

    keep the uBolt system and all should be well. this will separate the torque on each pipe run and allow the pipes to twerk and tweek and move as they need.

    the downside is i have to chop out that date code thats on the top of this metal bracket.

    there is a net gain though because it allows more room to drop the drive shaft down when needed.
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    You think you over complicate stuff, you need to look up project binky on YouTube
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