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Thread: Dangit! Missed it by THAT much!

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    Default Dangit! Missed it by THAT much!

    I have always kinda wanted a 60s cougar. But in Ohio, whenever I see one, it needs EVERYTHING. I mean like swiss cheese below the knees type of thing. So I pretty much figured I'd never find a cheap one around here that wasn't a rust bucket.

    Anyhow, for some freakish reason, I had some energy yesterday. When I got home from work, I spent 4 hours on the lawn. Mowing, trimming, edging, sculpting the hedges, all that OCD stuff.

    I come inside to relax afterward and start looking at CL, FB marketplace, etc. What's this? A complete, rust-free 1969 cougar? Less than 30 miles from here? What the... Who the... ?? And it's only $2000?! The ad is only 5 hours old. I message them, and it's sold already. DAMNIT.

    So the moral of the story is, don't obsess over your lawn. LOL

    Kinda sucks. That thing looked clean. The engine was torn apart, but that's the easy part in Ohio. You can find engines all day. Finding a rust-free body is the impossible thing. This car still had black floor pans!

    I can't believe that thing was gone in just a couple hours. I mean, I can believe it, I just can't believe I missed it.

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    That sucks. I've missed stuff by closer margins. Someone was probably goofing off at work and went straight there LOL

    *Not that I would ever think of doing such a thing...
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    There's a '67-69 ish Cougar up the street from me sitting on the.......lawn. I twitch everytime I see it. I even offered to help him get it up in the air off the lawn. It has been sitting there for about 5 years now. Can't be good.

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