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Thread: 88 Mercury Cougar 5.0

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    Default 88 Mercury Cougar 5.0

    Hello how are you?
    I hope you can help me and clarify my doubts,
    the following happens, I have a cougar 88 that originally had a carbureted v6 engine,
    the engine was overheated and although it was repaired it never looked good,
    so they offered me a 91 cougar engine 5.0 HO and it changed and everything went well.

    Now they are offering me a cougar 88 blue max edition with 5.0 EFI engine,
    my question is this, what engine is better?
    Which one can be better exploited?
    At first look the only differences I see are that the 5.0 HO brings a mass air and an Ignition Coil on the surface.

    I do not know much about the engines, I hope you can help me.

    thank you very much!
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