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    Default Jelly!!!!!!!!

    home made jelly!

    so,, the wife feeds me really really good,, i am blessed... but she amazes me with her patience in harvesting.
    i plant and grow things,, she goes and gets the stuff and puts it up or whatever.

    this is the same gal that picked a half gallon of huckel berries in about 4 hours.!!!!

    so this first picture of jelly is "violet jelly". for yall that dont know,, wild purple ish looking flowers growing around the yard are only the size of a regular M&M.
    you need 8 cups for a batch of violet jelly.

    the second pic is the most amazing jelly ever!!!
    early in the year critters come out of hibernation,, some critters are starving for food. to hold them over till warmer weather gets stable, god gives his first food gift to all creatures ~ the dandelion. 100% of the flower is nutritious and edible. we call this jelly "sunshine in a jar". side note - i dislike the popularity of commercials talking down about this flower,, the bee's need this and bees are a fundamental reason why we as larger creatures have any food to eat at all. so,, early in the year, let your yard go before the first cutting to allow the critters some food to get your food started!!!!

    the leaves of teh dandelion are really good, nearly 4 times the vitamin K than other greens. You target young "light green leaves" and prep as your salad.

    im still trying to identify what the violet jelly tastes like... so thats up in the air.

    teh dandelion however is really odd and very tasty,, this is what it does when it hits my taste buds.......
    first second,, tastes like Apple,, in about the 4th or 5th second its certainly PEACH!!,,, then the aroma spreads in your pallet and the feel, taste and staying power of honey kicks in. Three things going to town on your taste buds!

    good times!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you like sassafras root, the jelly is top shelf absolute wonderful.. no pic of that stuff yet. you can only harvest the root in the coldest point of the winter when the sap is low and there is no loose water in the ground which the root will then pull mud and the dirt taste in.

    this stuff is easy to make,, if interested follow brittney cassity on face book or email me
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    My granddad used to make dandelion wine, I was too young to try it at the time and he has long passed now. Its sad, the amount of things that are lost to time by not teaching our younger generation and their "usual" lack of interest doesn't help. I try to teach my boys older things and ways and keep them old school, best I can. They will appreciate it someday, I hope.

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