Background -- the engine was hesitating a bit the last couple of months (I was trying different things to troubleshoot) usually when warmed up and under load i.e. accelerating from low rpms. It always runs well on the freeway. Today it just died all of sudden while driving 70 mph on the freeway. I thought maybe it was my fuel pump because when I turn the key to run, the fuel pump just runs continuously. When I got it home, I checked the schrader valve while the pump was running and gas came spraying out. Pulling codes no longer works when connecting the proper jumper and the car will not start. I found this comment on the forum that does describe my situation (except my car won't run at all). Does this mean my ECU (A9P) is blown? Is there a way to get it out of LOS? Thanks in advance!

You said the pump runs continuously when you try to pull codes.
Does it also run continuously with the ignition in RUN without the STI grounded?
It should shut off after a second or two when the EEC senses that the engine is not running.
The pump running continuously can mean the software in the EEC is not running and the EEC has gone into a hardware only mode called LOS (Limited Output Strategy)
This means the EEC cannot look at any of the input sensors. The TFI goes to base timing (just like the SPOUT being unplugged) and the injectors are pulsed at a fixed pulse with.
It is supposed to be able to run like this to 'Limp Home" but not very well. It will run rich at low RPM. Does it smell like it's flooding?