I built this, 521 Kaase BB, Jerico DR4, 4:30 spooled, narrowed n mini tubbed. My daughters want to race, and wanted Jr. Dragsters...way too expensive, and no they are not driving the Mustang. Just rolled it out late last summer.
Wanted to get the Mustang down the track, but trashed the rear doing test hits, by the time I rebuilt even bigger...season was over.

So, instead of driving the Stang, or the cabbage on a Jr Dragster, I bought them (they picked it out) a Turbo Coupe. got the 393 that came out of the Mustang, the old 9 inch housing and and a center section, gonna go from there. Got a nice Toploader, and all the goodies for that but probably stab a C4 in it for the girls...maybe.Grocery Getter.jpgNew Bird 2.jpgTeam Build.jpgGrocery Getter.jpgNew Bird 2.jpgTeam Build.jpg