I did in my engine swapping thread a wire harness conversion.

originally the car was a CFI V6.

I hard solder spliced in a V8 harness on the drivers side.
i went through the evtm wire for wire and made a table documenting the process.

I can post this up if anyone thinks its useful.

i had three columns
20th anny V8, CFI V6 and Regular V8.
yes there is a difference between the 20th coug V8 and regular v8.

the difference is the use of the RED/LB wires and the White / Pink..... this bout drove me totally nuts!!!!!

lucky for all you regular v8 guys, this wont ever be your problem. lets just say i spent my remaining usefulness of the middle of my back digging up deep above the ebrake pedal confirming evtm errors.