Wife said she could smell gas inside the cabin on this 70 ghia which is mostly stock / oem in all things considered wiring / chassis and motor.

I tell her to stop driving it till i figure out whats happening,, 1) because the tank is up from with various relays that offer a way to ignite fumes.

I remove the liner up front to visual inspect things but to do so i have to undo the phillups screw holding the metal oval vacuum canister.

when i undo the vac line closest to front of the car, gas pours out. to verify it was gas i ignited some of it thinking maybe its water and gas mix?
it took off to flames right away, comfirmed as straight gas.

What is the probable fault for having gas inside the vac canister?

perhaps a clogged vent line,, is there a vent line up at the gas fill cap area?

much appreciated and if its easier call me at 304 772 3411, im out there working on it now.

thank you all,,