I'm new to the group and this is my first post.I'm having issues with the tach in my 1988 Thunderbird Sport 5.0 (analog gauges).I replaced the voltage regulator on my cluster and after that my tach barely moves.At 45mph instead of showing 1500rpm,its not even at 1000.I put the stock regulator back in and no difference even after resetting the computer.The TFI module is new as is the coil so they aren't the culprits.I figure its the wire going to the computer.The coil to cap wire itself is 3 years old (Ford 9mm Racing Wires)and the car runs alright otherwise for 219,000+ miles.I just dont feel like tearing into the computer,especially with no garage and freezing weather lol.If anyone has any idea what it could be,i would appreciate some input.I originally replaced the regulator because my oil gauge was always reading low and i had read an old regulator could give false readings.Because i know someone will ask why i tried changing it