I need to make a decision on a transmission for my Thunderbird. Currently AOD with Column Shift. Interior is original and in good shape, and as I read old threads about T5 installs, not fond of hunting up consoles, replacing or cutting up existing seats and consoles for T5 install. I had the chance to purchase 2 complete T5 systems for a good price, but was hesitant because of these reasons. Somewhere between 350-400 HP., and not a strictly drag race project. A friend of mine who is big into 5.0 Mustangs said possibly weld a different shift lever on the T5 to lean forward more if that would help the situation. I have the means to get a good AOD thru my Work, but really likes the idea of shifting gears. Any photos or ideas would be a great help.The current trans needs replacing, has stock torque converter,etc.