So it's been too long since I've made an update. Unfortunately, it's because there hasn't been much to update.

I haven't done much with the car other than drive it. I did get into a "speed altercation" with my co-worker in a 2016 Ecoboost Mustang. I ended up walking him by about 2 cars at double the posted speed limit in Mexico. I honestly think there is something wrong with his car, but it's been fun having the entire shop in his ass over it.

This is the busiest time of the year at work and with the social life, so cars have taken a back seat. My garage is full of Christmas crap so not much has gone on there. We are hosting a big Christmas dinner at my house in which I'm not pleased about, and we just hosted a party this past weekend where I learned that shot glasses fit in the garbage disposal.

I have managed to score an okay deal on some Maximum Motorsports front control arms. It would have been a screaming deal if the balljoints were in good shape. The boots are missing, and the grease is contaminated. I'm hoping I can drill and tap for a grease fitting and push all the garbage out. They also need new bushings, which I'll probably replace with delrin.

We just recently got a few inches of snow here in Maryland. While it's unfortunate that I couldn't get the car in the garage for the winter, it did make for a nice photo op.

I'm also bad for randomly buying toys that take away from my car funds. Prime example:

It's a 1/5 scale Redcat Dunerunner. Has a 30cc gasoline engine on it. I bought it used with a few problems I didn't know about. First run and I broke a left front shock, and found that the front driveshafts were missing. I have those coming, in addition to a bunch of hardware that was vibrated loose. It'll do about 40mph, which isn't all that fast, but it will eat up a lot of real estate really fast with how big it is.