As we discussed, 94-95 spindles are ideal for a stock k-member car. Can you use the 96+ spindles on a stock k-member car? You can but the negative effects are a tad bit wider track and you get to deal with some bump steer. So the wheels of the 08 Mustang might work up front but the offset in the rear may be funky but I cannot say for sure. The '08 wheels should be a 17x8 with a +45mm offset and came factory with a 245/45R17. I know that the '97 Cobra wheels fit and they are a 17x8 with a +30mm offset and most run a 245/40R17 tire on them. Running the numbers the '08 wheel will move about 0.5" inward compared to the '97 Cobra wheel. The '97 Cobra wheels were already a bit far inward in the rear of the car for me so the '08's will just move them farther inward. The additional inward movement may cause rubbing issues on the front struts as well. I know most Fox cars can use the SN95 (94-98) and New Edge or S197 (99-04) wheels just fine when flipped to a five lug conversion. Hope this helps.

Go back to this thread where we talked about wheels and use that calculator I linked.