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Thread: The Cougar Saga

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    Default The Cougar Saga

    New to the Foxbody platform, former happy owner of several Panther platform cars but nothing this old. Snagged this for $400.

    So, the deets!

    1986 Mercury Cougar 5.0 SEFI unknown automatic.
    99,500 miles

    The good:
    Engine runs well, lots of power.
    Shifts nice, but do not like how regardless of throttle input I don't get 2nd until 20mph.. Trying to find TB cable adjustment procedure
    All interior/exterior lamps work as intended except for a few warning bulbs (door ajar, low washer fluid)
    Transmission somewhat recently rebuilt.
    The car drove from the owners to my home under its own power (40 miles) after sitting for 6 months. Pulled the plugs, squirted some oil in the cylinders, and it fired right up!

    The bad:
    2 rotten brake lines. Haven't done a full inspeciton but saw two holes. Going to be a PITA as the fluid is black and thick...I'm thinking I might wind up replacing the calipers and flushing the new (and old) lines. Rear brakes work, once you get to the floor
    Temp gauge reads cold at all times and I can't find the sensor for it. Found the ECMs' sensor, but not the gauges'.
    Ignition switch needs to be replaced. Must be fiddled with to keep speedo/radio/accessories on.
    Various broken vacuum lines. Repaired a few, but need to get more vacuum line.
    HVAC blower seems weak, and sounds as if there may be some leaves blocking the intake. I checked the cowl and it looked fine...I can't even see the blower to take it out and see whats up??? this seems concerning. Please tell me this isn't like doing the blend door actuator on a grand marquis where the dash has to come off (or partly, anyway.) Upside: A/C compressor engages and blows cold, and heat blows hot..

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    Should shift into second at 14mph with a light pedal, should shift into 3rd about 25 and od 42-44mph. Make sure the TV cable is connected, this will kill the auto aod trans in just a few miles.

    Blend door on a 88 crown vic is much the same as a blower motor. You do not have to remove the dash, but it can make things quicker and easier. If you have the manual lever heater controls, it is much easier.
    Quote Originally Posted by jcassity
    I honestly dont think you could exceed the cost of a new car buy installing new *stock* parts everywhere in your coug our tbird. Its just plain impossible. You could revamp the entire drivetrain/engine/suspenstion and still come out ahead.
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    1987 Ford Thunderbird LX. 5.0. s.o., sn-95 t-5 and an f-150 clutch. Driven daily and going strong.
    1986 cougar.

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    Replace the ignition switch asap. That's a fire hazard in the making even without the key on.
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    Sounds like a nice start. Pics when you can, and welcome.

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