time to move on down to exhaust. oddly crazy times over here where the car seems to be taking less priority, i have to change that.

here are my parts pics for this post to cover the exhaust and wide band oxygen sensor.

I have good mufflers and cats from my oldest boys car which we just built a custom 2 1/2'' Hpipe system welded up.
i gutted his cats and getting surface rust off and neutralizing the rust.
the mufflers are really in great shape yet the kit i got below gives me a second set to test out as well.

here is what i bought yesterday............... apparently summit does a Vet discount as well , fyi!!!

I am paying 7$ for the one band clamp, yet is stainless steel , i am hoping to find a like solution for "butt" and "lap" band clamps at or under 4$ ea.,, likely not possible because of the materials req'd for such a item.
this one band clamp will join my two piece hpipe.
i bought this Hpipe mainly because a XR7 owner chimed in on a review and said it fit with his shorty headers like it was meant for the car.

i wanted to go full Stainless on this but i will leave that cost up to my youngest boy later , i am at a point where now i need to make sure the budget i spent on my sons cars are close to the same figure. i hit about 6800 on masons bird,,, i hit 5800 on this coug for chance yesterday.