size wont matter but 19gal is one,, then 22gal was another.

i was able to replace my old 19gal tank with the 22gal and the original straps worked fine.
the 22gal is taller.

the fuel sending unit wont care much about how deep your tank is,, the wire to the float can accomodate a farily deep tank and from that point its a matter of bending the float wire to get it graduated properly.

the original sender is designed good but, has its issues. It does have a boat load of more resistive graduations than the Summit unit but, ohms is ohms and voltage drop is voltage drop, it wont matter, your analog guage will work out fine with the summit unit.

if anyone wants to buy that summit unit but doesnt feel comfortable with the modification, i can do the mod no charge, you just need to have it shipped to me, then cover shipping to you when im done.