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Thread: Strut Tower/Rail Rust Opinions

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    Default Strut Tower/Rail Rust Opinions

    Hey guys, I just picked up an '86 Bird for cheap. The body is in good shape and really only scattered surface rust underneath except for the passenger side strut tower. The previous owner broke off the loose rust and sprayed it with POR 15. I need some opinions on it. It still seems structurally sound and the whole side of the frame rail and rest of the strut tower is perfect.

    If I wanted to, is this something I can have someone repair with the engine in the car? Does it look that bad and/or dangerous? How much would a repair like this run? Is this something I can continue to run with as is and constantly check to make sure it doesn't get worse? I've seen much worse Fox bodies so I figured I'd go for it. ANy opinions welcomed.
    Thanks guyz.

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    Welcome aboard, and anything you need to see about rust repair is in this thread...

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    in my opinion, you will need to remove the engine to fix it and you'll probably find more holes in other places...(probably by the firewall and frame rail)
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