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Thread: 2.3 cylinder head comparison

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    Default 2.3 cylinder head comparison

    I CANNOT find it, but there is a comparison of all the 2.3 heads and their pros/cons. I have a stock n/a head and am wanting to rebuild it to support an HE-351. I went to talk to my engine dude and he has a 4 plug head from @ 92, but I think those are no good...not sure. It has a roller cam and lifters though, so debating swapping over that to my n/a head w/porting and new valves. Will the compresion be to high on a n/a head, if I dont hog out the combustion chamber? Machining is gonna be expensive. I am looking at bo-ports stage one, but I need to find out if a n/a head is good for a core, else it's 200 bucks. Machine shop wants 100 for the 4 plug. I am trying to do the math and I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!

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    what casting numbers do you have to choose from?
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