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Thread: 2 Wheel fun

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    Default 2 Wheel fun

    Ive spent the first bit of warm weather getting the motorcycle ready for the season. What do you guys think?

    first thing added, handguards with reflectors stuck on them, This thing and I have only experience one accident and it was not my fault, being hit once is enough for me. Ive since pulled the baffles and added lights and reflectors, loud exhaust saves lives.

    tons of polish and sandpaper later its starting to look pretty nice,
    the gold wheels are a signature of an 80 Yamaha I wouldnt change them for the world.

    single cylinder dual down tubes, each valve has its own pipe. Same for the carb, each intake valve has its own carb. It can be a tricky job to tune. Ive reached the point where any less baffle in the exhaust and i reach the limit of the factory carb setup. There isnt a name brand jet kit for it so i am on my own for setting it. Once i get my hands on the jets i will pull more baffles and poke a hole or two in the top of the air box. Sealed with a little oiled lawn mower foam filter of course, this thing sees highway, city, trail,mud,water and of course its ideal domain, SAND!
    87 Cougar
    88 Crown Vic LTD
    84 Yamaha Xt600

    previous cars -
    1990 Dodge Daytona -
    1990 Geo Prizm -
    1987 Honda Accord - 140mph wonder? Rally ready..... K.I.A. at WOT due to massive head failure. Still had the best paint-job EVER...
    1998 Suzuki Sidekick 4D -
    1969 Falcon Futura w/ Sports Coupe option (now go try and find that? And if you do tell me where it is!!)

    The Cougar will never be for sale, Only up for trade on a 68,69 Falcon 2D.

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    Makes me miss my dirt bike . Now its just 4 wheelers there more utilty for farm and hunting use. I never did like tuning those dual carb setups just was never able to get them dialed in just right. Nice bike and hope u have a safe riding season this year

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