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Thread: Re-skinning my '88 T-Bird Sunroof

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    Question Re-skinning my '88 T-Bird Sunroof

    I bought another 1988 5spd turbocoupe that has an aftermarket sunroof that does work and was sealed up.

    I wonder would it be possible to re-skin the roof and delete my sunroof.

    Has anyone done that? If so, what are the expected cost in doing this? I can find donor T-Birds without the sunroof to use.
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    Sure, it can be done. Front and rear glass will need to come out, as will the trim strips down either side of the roof. For there, it will be spot welded on all four sides. It will probably have some sort of glue holding it to the frame in the middle, to keep it from fluttering.

    Any good body shop should have no difficulty in performing this swap, though as for price I have no idea.

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