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    Default Windows 7

    ...Anybody running it? I downloaded and installed the RC yesterday and it seems OK. It looks and behaves just like Vista Ultimate (in fact Belarc Advisor reports it as Vista Ultimate) but it seems to run much faster than Vista. I'd read tha Microsoft was trying to de-bloat Windows, to make it less demanding on a system, and they seem to have gotten it right. Much faster boot times, faster, shut down times, and not nearly as much lag opening programs. All of my programs seem to work on it OK. The only issue I had was trying to get my video drivers functioning. It took a few hours and some hacking of ATI's catalyst drivers, but I was finally successful. I don't blame this on Win 7 though, I blame it on Gateway, who has not updated the drivers for this machine since 2005 (they were still XP spec) and who will not allow ATI to offer generic drivers for the graphics chip.

    My "Windows Experience Rating" actually went up with 7: Using Vista it was 2.7, using 7 it's 3.9!
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    That's cool...maybe macrosuck is finally getting it right lol.

    Someday I'll move up to vista or 7, but for now I'm the old man in the 1971 Caprice running 45 in a 65 and holding up
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    i've been running it for awhile now, still need to update to the RC.
    We have 2 people in the office running RC and it runs better than Vista.

    BIG TIP:
    disable IPv6... you have to make a registry change to do it.

    HKLM:system, current control set, services, TCPIPv6, paramerters: new dword (32bit) DisabledComponents hex value ffffffff

    this will speed up tcpip and all related functions.

    biggest issues for me so far, chrome won't work and adobe reader 7 is what installs from the adobe site.
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