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    Im wondering if anybody has had any problems with keeping these headers from leaking at the exhaust ports. I am about to install a set and it looks as if a few of the sealing surfaces between the head and header flange will only have about 1/8 of an inch contact surface.

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    yes,, "we" did but ill tell you one thing,, and one thing for sure.

    They make THE VERY BEST EXHAUST GASKET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My buddy tried to get them to sell a roll of that stuff (ink stamped "headman" all over it).

    BTW,, does your trouble getting a good seal seem to be from not being able to put a socket on the bolt head? I had to smoosh the tubing together where its welded to the flange so i could get a socket on it. On first go around, we had to get special bolts just for these headers.

    For the pirce you pay for these headers,, they could have done better on heat resistant paint,, our paint lasted not long at all which pissed us off.

    scale of 1 - 10,,, i give headman a 6 for quality.
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