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A/C Clutch Wireing on T/C 5.0 Swap

I finally got the turbo coupe wired tranny in and it runs. i have 3 wires that I cannot figure out what they do? I finally used a t-bird/ cougar 5.0 wireing harness out of a 88 cougar and the color codes on the wires with a little patience thrown in and a multimeter to wire the car up but i am to a point that I cannot figure out what a few wires do, first: light blue and pink or maybe orange, it goes to pin 34 or pin 37 on the eec wireing harness(i cannot remember), it is not used on the MAF computer and i did not hook it up. anyone know what this is for? second: there are 2 vss orange/ yellow wires that are on the 88 cougar wireing harness, I hooked one up to the turbo coupe vss wire inputs and the other is dangling and is not hooked up, do I really need this? and the a/c clutch wire(it is black on the cougar wireing harness), does anyone know what cooresponding wire that is in the wireing harness on the turbo coupe with the automatic temp control to plug it into? i only have a few wires to hook it up to that are left open on the turbo coupe harness? on my sport coupe the wires are the same color, should I just turn the a/c on inside the car and look for a hot 12 wire in the turbo coupe harness that was not hot before? if someone has already done this that would be greatly appeciated.

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Pin 34(LB/PK) is data to the electronic cluster, not necessary on a TC...

The speed sensor connects to pins 3 & 6. The O/Y wire is ground and connects to pin 6(sounds like you have a extra), the DG/W wire is the input and connects to pin 3.

For the AC, there should a B/Y wire feeding the compressor from the WOT cut out relay mounted near the passenger strut tower. Voltage to the relay is from the PK/LB wire on the low pressure SW. My wiring diagram shows the black wire on the compressor as ground.

Re: A/C Clutch Wireing on T/C 5.0 Swap

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Thanks Tom you have helped me out again, I thought that I did not need either of the wires and you confirmed that. The only problem is the wires coming off of the compressor are both black. One of them goes back into the 3 origional wireing harness plugs for the T/C but i have no idea where, I will have to get my schematic and follow all of the wires to make this work I do believe. Thanks for your help though. The car runs great. I found 2 more T-Bird 5.0 wiring harnesses in the junk yard, are these rare? I know that I had a hella of a time finding one in june but now they seem common, are they in any kind of demand do you know?

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The way it is fed is from the ETAC to the low pressure switch, then to the cut out relay, on to the compressor via the B/Y wire. All of these conections/plugs are in the 5.0 engine harness(I looked at mine). How it is actually connected in the dash to the ETAC(or manual A/C controlls) I do not know. I don't remember connecting anything for A/C to the 5.0 harness(scratches head), but mine does work.

If you can get a spare harness reasonable I'd grab it, never know when it may come in handy. I don't think they are all that rare, but you probably won't have any luck finding one if you really needed it.