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About this section

This new section is here for archiving of some of the more valuable tech threads. These threads are usually created as a result of somebody posting a question and others answering it with valuable tech information that no Fox owner should be without. In order to stop those threads from being buried into obscurity and in order to prevent each topic from becoming loaded with "stickies", all of the best threads will now be moved here.
Members are free to post in individual threads, but in an effort to keep this place "for tech only" and to prevent questions from being asked that have already been answered, only Eric or myself may start a new thread here. All other attempts will be moderated, and only if the topic fits we will allow it. *EDIT* If you do wish to post a new topic here, PM me to let me know that you've got a thread awaiting moderation. I do not get notified otherwise, so your new thread may never end up being approved!
The threads here were created by you guys for you guys. We're all grateful for the info they contain.:cheers:
2015 Mustang GT Premium - 5.0, 6-speed, Guard Green - too much awesome for one car

1988 5.0 Thunderbird :birdsmily: SOLD SEPT 11 2010: TC front clip/hood ♣ Body & paint completed Oct 2007 ♣ 3.55 TC rear end and front brakes ♣ TC interior ♣ CHE rear control arms (adjustable lowers) ♣ 2001 Bullitt springs ♣ Energy suspension poly busings ♣ Kenne Brown subframe connectors ♣ CWE engine mounts ♣ Thundercat sequential turn signals ♣ Explorer overhead console (temp/compass display) ♣ 2.25" off-road dual exhaust ♣ T-5 transmission swap completed Jan 2009 ♣