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Pretty nice day the other day, especially for late December.  One cat made it outside for a little ... the other ... well ... not so much ...

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Nice looking ride.
1988 T/C body with a 5.0 transplant. Motor has a Vortech V-2 supercharger, Edlebrock Performer RPM II intake, heads, FRPP F-303 cam, Comp Cams roller rockers, Power Pipe, LMAF, full Mac exhaust, lowered, Koni's, 5 lug conversion, Cobra wheels, 13" Cobra brakes, etc.
SOLD September 2020. Will miss this car after 19 years of building/driving/showing it off. Time for a new chapter in my life.
Dynoed 446 horse/409 torque at the wheels.
2003 Tenth Anniversary Cobra Convertible. 1 of 369 Torch Red made.
2012 F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 6.7 Powerstroke.

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Good looking cars.

How is the convertible coming along?
1988 Thunderbird TC, 5spd
Stinger 3" single exhaust, Cone Filter, Adjustable Cam Pulley, Schneider roller cam,
'93 Mustang Cobra replica wheels on 235/50R17

'16 F150 XLT 5.0
'17 Husqvarna TX300

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Good looking cars.

How is the convertible coming along?


The convertible is coming along ... slowly ... often feels like one step forward and two steps back.

I should be getting the front back from the body shop next week.  The header panel had a crack in it to be repaired and I'm switching the bumper out to the XR7 style and adding the Machal fog lights.  I'm also switching to the wide body moldings in body color.

The real chore has been the rear quarter windows ... I probably lost a solid three months of time playing with them and trying to get them to line up.  I have the tracks out at a machine shop right now to get some mounting holes slotted.  This will hopefully give me a little more adjustability.


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Molding removed and rear quarter window finally "close" ... after the 100th try ... ha!