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Topic: FROM FLORIDA Blue 4-Eyed Tbird For Sale 1985? (Read 28 times) previous topic - next topic

FROM FLORIDA Blue 4-Eyed Tbird For Sale 1985?

Found this incredibly base blue tbird for sale in Morley, MI at a small, rural dealership of all places. Body is pretty solid, it's a base V6 car that has all manual options, no power mirrors, power windows, etc. Even has a quartz clock. Also not optioned with the passenger mirror which is cool. Interior is in nearly mint condition. Has a Florida dealership sticker on the back. I'm not sure on the asking price.
1986 Thunderbird original 5.0, butterfly window car. Two-tone Medium Grey and Silver Metallic Clearcoat paint with red pin-striping. A couple mods so far...with lots to come.