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Re: Changing a A9L to Mega Squirt

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A Plug-in Microsquirt Powered (PiMP) is definitely an option, but for $850 plus the price of tuning it I think you'd be better off getting a competent person to tune the EEC-IV.

While I don't disagree with the budget, I do feel the PiMP will have a higher ceiling. If you decide to go with forced induction, E85, or with an option that will max out most MAF meters, the PiMP will really shine. You also have the options to get away from TFI.

I guess the real determining factor will be if you have any competent tuners local. If you don't have to trailer you car 4-6 hours each way, get a room, food etc, the added cost of the PiMP might be worth it.
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Re: Changing a A9L to Mega Squirt

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If any of you are in the North East, Maryland Performance Center is in Maryland, and have both an engine and chassis dyno. I used to work there, and they have experience with Superchips with stock ECM, Holley, Big Stuff, Fast, Motec and more. Not cheap, and usually a wait to get in, but very talented. I know we had a few 9 second blown cars with stock ECM's that came thru the shop. I recently had a customer's Mustang with a 331 Blueprint Engine, and a dyno shop had installed the Megasquirt Plug and Play Ford kit. It didn't run bad, but had no means to make the IAC work. We got creative and came up with a system using a momentary toggle and rewire of the IAC, basically a choke for warm up. My T-bird hasn't been tuned, and has ran exceptionally well for left over parts. I have thought about many of these options if I were to build a larger engine. Wasn't familair with Moates until discussions on here a few years back, but seems interesting.
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