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Fiberglass trunk?

I've been searching for replacement body panels as I am starting to tackle the rust on my bird this winter.  I cam across US body fiberglass panels and was wondering if anybody has any experience with them?  My trunk lid is toast, if someone has a source for steel panels I would appreciate it.  If I go the fiberglass route does the trunk need to be pinned down or can I use the stock latch/hinges?

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I asked the folks at Hairyglass, they make some stuff for Tbirds too. They said they don't have provisions for hood/trunk bolts. So if you got a fiberglass trunk, you'd likely need "hood" pins. Might be able to attach them to the hinges, but IDK. The fiberglass might not be strong enough.
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Re: Fiberglass trunk?

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Need to know where you are located and what year of Bird you are working on if you want any suggestions on body parts.

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