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Chocolate Fox Event May 9th Hershey PA

This event was posted yesterday by the group that is putting on the Foxtoberfest shows in NC. For all those in the North East that couldn't get to NC, here is your chance. Already speaking with friends in MD, looking to get a group of cars to make the trip. Then in the fall, make a run to NC.
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Re: Chocolate Fox Event May 9th Hershey PA

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May 9th Hershey Park is something I could do.  I've been wanting to go to the Ford's at Carlisle and Foxtoberfast for a few years now. 
This event I could get the family to go too since they like the park at Hershey.  Maybe a side trip to Lancaster too.
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Re: Chocolate Fox Event May 9th Hershey PA

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I heard about this show during Carlisle this year.  It sounded like it was suppose to happen this fall (October was the timing being discussed) but I never heard/saw anymore on it.  If it ends up happening I'll probably go as it is local to me.