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Waterproof Car cover

I've decided that parking my daily in a heated garage this winter is more important than storing my TBird in a heated garage, so I'm looking for recommendations for a good, solid, WATERPROOF car cover.  Who has a story and/or recommendation?

Re: Waterproof Car cover

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Doesn't line up great with the doors (although still accessible). but this cover worked fine when I had the car outside for a few months last spring-summer. Lots of bugs making nests up under the dry cover though, and signs that a mouse wanted to start in the empty cavity of my uninstalled tail lights. As for carcasses, mostly just spiders. moths, and dead hornets left when I pulled the cover off.

The 194-208" length version.

I have a more expensive vehicle-specific cover with padding for the garage, but this seemed like a decent "disposable" car cover to use outdoor. It continues to serve on a '64 Thunderbird outside, which it fits VERY tightly.
1988 Thunderbird Sport