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Is my car supposed to talk?

Have a 83 Cougar LS 302. Noticed I have no door or key chime.  Also no water/oil idiot lights. Came across a old ad, something about audible instrumentation?? Do have the keyless entry digital dash and leather.

Re: Is my car supposed to talk?

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There is a small black wire thst connects to the ignitiong key under the steering column. On my cars, I have disabled the key/door chime since I do pizza delivery by disconnecting this wire.  A beep every time you get in and out of the car 50 times a night is quite annoying.

Not sure if the 83-84 cars are exactly the same. The 83-84 use an audible speech generated talking setup instead of a regular chime.

If that black wire is disconnected, the headlight chime should still come on once the door is opened.

The regular cluster doesn't have a oil light, but if the temp or oil is low then the check engine light will come on.
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Re: Is my car supposed to talk?

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I thought our cars also have a dinger. Like a little something down in the drivers footwell that makes noise. Mine died. But it hasnt bothered me.
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Re: Is my car supposed to talk?

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My '83 has a dinger somewhere but I too disconnected the black wire to the ignition cylinder as it was very annoying.  Did the same thing on my '93 Mustang.

This is for an '88 Mustang but you get the idea.

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