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Semi-broken front seats and hood latching issue

Bought a 1988 TBird in incredible condition, but there are some needed repairs.
One is the drivers side seat. The back of the seat is way too far backwards and doesn't seem to be catching the tooth on the seat in the more upward positions. Any ideas.
Also, the hood latch will not lock down hood when closed. I did check the latch and tried to push latch lock down but it isn't releasing the hold down mechanism inside the latch. I'm wondering if it is just a spring problem that may of broke. It will have to come off, no doubt, but wondering if anyone else has come across this problem.
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Re: Semi-broken front seats and hood latching issue

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The seat thing is the infamous "Fox Lean". Your seat back frame is broken. The hood latch thing could be a seized latch (try slobbering it with penetrating fluid and manually working it to free it up), or a bad cable (make sure the release handle returns to the rest position by itself without pushing on it).
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