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Re: 3D Printable parts library

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I have three modded Creality printers - a CR-10S, Ender3, and Ender3 Pro. I'd like to build a larger CoreXY at some point, and have a 2x2ft bed, but know from a friend's experience that this is a lot of work to get going, with only a 250mm bed.

I have a slightly modded CR10. I love it so far. I only have issues with the print bed being warped. I can work around it, but I'll need to find a good solution for it soon.

You really can't beat Creality for the price.
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Re: 3D Printable parts library

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I have always used cut mirror glass from Home Depot/Lowes on my beds. Never a problem.

Solid wheels, all metal hotend on one printer (has other drawbacks for high-retraction rate material, so others have stock hotends), upgraded parts coolers, different main boards and drivers in them and tuned precisely for each machine, extruders changed on two. Lots of spare parts and stacks of different filaments.

My CR-10S has frame bracing added with printed parts and threaded rod. Not a huge benefit, but it's more rigid.

The stock bed heaters are garbage for ABS though, especially on the CR10. I assume it can't even do PET on the CR10s5.
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Re: 3D Printable parts library

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I use the mirror tiles from Lowes like most people have suggested. They start off perfectly flat, but after a handful of hours of use, they start to bow and warp with the bed. I did use a bunch of aluminum foil to get take up some of the low areas between the bed and the mirror, but it too warped. I haven't figured out my course of action. I might go with a BLtouch setup and let the printer sort it out by itself.

The CR10 can do PET and PETG. I have a spool of Hatchbox PETG, but I haven't tried it yet. Most people say it prints as well as PLA and is almost as strong as ABS.

I haven't done the Z-axis braces yet. I did just print the elevated legs that use squash balls in the feet to keep it from transmitting vibrations through the desk. I also did the stepper motor dampers which made the printer significantly quieter. Next big thing will big figuring out octoprint.
It's Gumby's fault.

Re: 3D Printable parts library

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Not sure on the bed- mirror glass shouldn't bend. It's glass. The mirror stuff is just thicker than their normal sheet glass.

PET works, but  it does require higher temperature, and is therefore more stringy than PLA. Nothing a hot air gun can't handle for cleanup at the end.

Better drivers work better than just installing dampers. I run a couple of the TH3D EZBoards and the performance is excellent, and silence is nice (all 4 motors). The new revisions of Creality machines are more of a pain to do dampers on, as the motor shafts are press fit now instead of using set screws.

Octoprint is nice, but mine have been eating SD cards for some reason, no matter the brand. The print time estimates are way off, but the biggest benefit imo is if you setup a camera (I haven't), you could cancel the print job remotely if you find bed adhesion issues partway through. This has only been an issue for me on a defective stock harness on the Ender 3 Pro, but would still be a nice feature to setup.
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