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phosphoric acid

purchase a gal of "food grade concentrated phosphoric" acid from amazon for around 45$ on a gallon.

do up 25% phos  75%water.

with little wire brush effort on rusted area, spray on and walk away.

im done doing anything else to rust, this stuff saves the day.

i blew through a gallon of it quick like spraying everything  could, now i have my second gallon to use for general purpose things.

this stuff is less hazardous as Muriatic  & Hydrochloric acid.

additionally, 10% phosphoric acide and 90% water kills weeds and keeps them down most of the summer.

Re: phosphoric acid

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I started a thread in the general section on rust remover.  Mind if I copy and paste or would you like to post this there too?

Any before and after pictures?

Here's the other thread:
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ok by me...

here is the youtube link with the testing done live

this was done in a controlled manner, there's no reason to use anything else after you see this.....

my lessons learned are............
use 25% phos acid most times as its more effective than using 50/50.
I guess it has something to do with chemistry class.  also,, the white ish looking residue apparently is 100% paintable from what i have seen by others.,, as well is the black residue.
its almost like a primer layer self built upon the metal.

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