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For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

I'm moving and I have to sell my car. Was a daily driver before I parked it. Needed a bigger vehicle for work.

Details and Included Items:
  • 85 Thunderbird with a V6
  • Approx. 80k original miles
  • Car starts and runs nice
  • Doors open and close like new
  • Rare, Sage Green color
  • Includes a separate 1989 Mustang 302 with attached T5 transmission. Engine was running when it was pulled from the Mustang and had about 90k miles
  • Brand new, installed headliner
  • Brand new floor liner still in the box
  • Extra hood (red)
  • Extra rear taillights lenses
  • Extra headlight trim
  • Extra grill
  • A box full of an almost complete charcoal interior
  • Set of 5 spoke A.R.E rims with center caps
  • Newish tires on factory rims (currently on the car)
  • Infinity front speakers
  • Rockford Fosgate 6x9's
  • Cheap radio
  • I bought the car from Indiana with no rust in 2006

*Badish Stuff:
The car had to sit outside this last winter so...
  • Starting to get some rusting at bottom of doors
  • Front passenger side caliper is locked up from sitting this past winter
  • The brake pedal goes right to the floor. Probably a bad wheel cylinder or busted break line
  • Most of the interior is stripped because I was in the process of changing from the factory tan interior to the charcoal listed above. Should only take an hour or two to finish
  • Needs a drivers side window regulator or the nut trick to make it go up and down. Motor works.

*To the best of my knowledge, this is all that's wrong.

Midland, Michigan  48623

Asking Price:
I'm asking for $2000 obo for everything included above. Or a trade as listed below. Considering how much each part goes for and the difficulty finding some of it, I think it's a pretty fair price. BUT...
Offer me something fair, and it's yours. I just want it to have a good home.

This would be a great project for someone and has almost all the good parts ready. It's a good running car. Just needs the brakes and caliper fixed.

If you are interested and have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks Guys.

Re: For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

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Additional Pics

Re: For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

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Oh, and I would also be interested in a trade

- 6x10 Enclosed Trailer with ramp door
- Crown Vic
- Grand Marque
- Ranger

Re: For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

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Now added to Marketplace and Facebook groups.

Re: For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

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Is there a reason that nobody has shown any interest at all? I don't believe that the price is unreasonable. Are they bad pics? No interest? I'm a bit confused to not even have one response telling me it's a great deal or even to screw off. Help me out here guys. If I'm approaching this wrong, I'd rather know than not.

I'm willing to sell the car separate from the engine if that is of interest to anyone.

- The Engine and the transmission would go together.

- The car, interior, spare parts, and rims would go together.


Re: For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

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Forums usually aren't a good place to sell a car because most members are nowhere near you. Facebook marketplace is slightly better because you have a local audience, but in the T-Bird/Cougar groups you again have the problem of members living everywhere except where you do.
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Re: For Sale - 1985 Ford Thunderbird - 80k Miles

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Where are you moving to?  That might help to get it sold if you are willing to trailer the car and meet the buyer at a mutually convenient point or you might be passing almost right by them.

FWiW, I'd def be interested in it if you were closer to FL, somewhere in the SE. Anyhow, I think you have a decent car at a decent price, but these cars are still a niche market type thing. The same is true of the Monte Carlos and Regals of the 80's timeframe, they have their fans, just not a ton of them, and even fewer that don't already have loaded garages. JMO, good luck.