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When your Fox is Done...

Hi , havent posted a new thread since...well, ten years or so...

I still have my 85 V6 Cougar, however , it hasnt run since 2005, when i had a small crash between the car and a motorcycle.

Now if you done the math, thats nearly 15 years. The last time i started it, was in 2016, and a fire began because i dripped some fuel in the carb and backfired. It didnt do a lot of damage, but i had to remove the intake manifold to clean everyting.

The car is NOT roadworthy, its full of rust and had 4 flat tires.

City hall towed it last year because i had it parked in the front of my parents house. But i recovered it quickly, i simply cant let it go.

Thats the problem, i cant let it go. With almost 20 years of ownership, even in the poorest state it has, i refuse to scrap it. In rainy days, even with all the paint chipped and dryed , it looks like the first year i had. It is my first car, mom and dad gave it to me and went to the university in it.

So, here i am. Definitively it cant be repaired, but which parts should be recovered for a new project ? engine and transmision are in working condition (and engines are expensive!, i have spent a few thousand repairing my f150 4.2 and realized how expensive everything is !)

Thanks in advance, sorry for my poor grammar, havent write in english for some looooooong time....
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Re: When your Fox is Done...

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If you are trying to find another Cougar like yours, I would try to keep the one you have until you find your next one. It is much easier to to figure out what parts you need when you have the new project, than it is to hope you saved all of the parts you need and scrap the car.

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Re: When your Fox is Done...

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I’ve been attached to some pretty bad cars. I pushed my poor Datsun to the point the driveshaft fell out. Not due to bad U joints.......due to the rotted subframe mounts on the rear axle falling out. But what I did for my Datsun and a lot of others is research. I’d keep the hard to find stuff. Rear glass.Front grill/ headlamp assembly. Front and rear bumpers and crash bars trim. Tail lights. Forgot mine in the Datsun. Bit me on another project had to pay $300 bucks for ones that were in worse condition than the ones that went through the crusher.  Then the sentimental. Keep the steering wheel or stereo or little trinkets.

Re: When your Fox is Done...

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I've scrapped two of these cars due to serious rust issues and the parts I regret pulling were mainly trim pieces random interior parts. It's amazing how hard the little things are to find. I'm not sure how the cars are where your at but I'd pull whatever seems to need replaced the most out there as long as it's in good shape. Best way would be to get another one and swap what you need over.
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Re: When your Fox is Done...

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Rust??? In Mexico???  :tard:  :tard:

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.  :rollin:
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Re: When your Fox is Done...

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Was wondering what happened to you.  Glad to see you're around.  I had to make a similar decision with a Lincoln Mark VII I had. car was roadworthy, but was getting to a point where  it was going to need a good amount of work and I had 4 other cars that were in good working order.  In the end I let her go.  Too much maintenance to have that many cars for me and I didn't feel like sinking the money into it.  I still miss the car though.

I actually have a question concerning some Mexico specific parts for you.  PM me when you can.
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Re: When your Fox is Done...

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i would loke to find another fox tbird, something to put a nice 460 into.
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