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Paging Outsidedog..

Anyone seen or heard from Outsidedog ??  Looks like his last activity on the board here was around 2 months ago. Think I sent him a PM a while back, gonna send another one.

 He had a good thread on his Bird goin in the Reader Rides forum. I know he took a screwin from that company Monster Transmissions, but I thought he had gotten his old one rebuilt and put back in, back on the road.

Im not on Faceplant or any other social media... Anyone?


Re: Paging Outsidedog..

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I was following along too.  I don't know him outside of here on the forum.
Hope all is well.
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Re: Paging Outsidedog..

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You rang?

 I dont have any social media stuff this is as close as I get. All is well I'm going to try and keep you guys posted just been a busy few months.

Re: Paging Outsidedog..

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 :headbang:   Hey Dog! Glad to see you back.

 Was just missing the updates on your Bird and thought you might have gotten discouraged, thrown in the towel, and bought an old turbo integra or civic.  :rice: