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Cowl Hood Project

Thought I'd post some pictures of my cowl hood project. This is the finished product but I have pictures of the fabrication process if anyone is interested. I've been saving a hood from my old Sport for 15 years in the hopes of someday building a cowl hood. A friend of mine, who is a master at fabrication, decided to help me build it. What I wanted was a steel hood with a 2 inch cowl that followed the factory lines. The main problem was how to retain the shape of the hood during fabrication, the curve front to back and side to side. I wanted it to look like it came that way from the factory. What we ended up doing was building a 2x3in square channel frame for the bottom, bolting it at the hinge and latch location and adding 4 clips screwed to the hood on the sides. The top was a different story. We decided to use 10ga plate, spot weld tabs to the hood and then weld the plate to the tabs. We did this in 3 locations running front to back. This allowed us to cut the hood on both sides and raise the back 2 inches without destroying the shape of the hood.

Looks like I screwed up and posted this twice.
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