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Re: 84 Tbird project

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My understanding is that the resistance wire is the ground wire from the in tank pump.  The link below may give you some options for brake upgrades. My personal results were posted in post #138.
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Re: 84 Tbird project

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Little more progress today. We got the brakes shoes back together and bled, and I did some more searching for the fuel pump resistor wire. I unwrapped the fuel pump wires in the trunk and didn't see anything like a resistor wire. So I grabbed a voltmeter to check and see the voltage going to the fuel pump. I checked it in the trunk and under the car, and I had 13 volts on both not running, but with a battery charger hooked up so I'm thinking this car has no resistor wire for the fuel pump.


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Re: 84 Tbird project

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So on the 73mm piston front brake personal opinion and experience is to run away from this "upgrade".  This was done on the SVO Mustangs as well as the Lincoln Mark VII's.  You will need a different MC in that these calipers require a 1-1/8" bore MC and will also require some kind of manual proportioning valve to tune the brake bias.  For all of the cost, effort, and time it is simply not worth the minimal gain over the 60mm stock 87-93 5.0 caliper.  You can buy really good brake pads and gain more braking for the $$$ that way than going the 73mm swap.

Save your $$$ and when you can afford it switch to 5 lug via a 94-98 V6/GT swap utilizing 99-2004 V6/GT front calipers.  The gains here are as follows:
Rear disc brakes
Larger front rotors and twin 44mm piston front calipers
The 94-98 V6 and GT rear axles are the exact same axles and will fit your existing 8.8 housing.
Rotor, caliper, and brake pad selection is excellent vs. the Fox garbage
Wheel selection is light years ahead of the Fox vintage stuff
The front wheel bearing hub assembly allow you to swap rotors and not have to mess with the bearings.
If you are willing you can swap the ABS from the Mustang over to your car.  I did it on my '93 Coupe and what a difference letting the ABS modulate the brakes in a panic stop versus "I can out brake and ABS system with my foot"...bullshit.

There are several write ups on the SN95 brake swap on here so do a little research.  You can have decent brakes with the 11" Fox front rotors and drum brakes out back but if you swap over to the SN95 gear you will notice a HUGE braking improvement.  There is physically no way to make a Fox brake system out perform the SN95 brakes, period.

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