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LATCH System retrofit.

So my 16 month old is WAY out of her Recaro docking infant carrier, and into a convertible seat.  We put that seat rear facing in my wife's Fusion with no difficulty whatsoever, BUT, to be usable at all in the TBird, she has to ride front facing.  The recommendation from anybody thinking themselves any kind of authority at all, is 2 years/40lbs for front facing, but in Michigan, 1yr/20 lbs is legal. And besides that, a fullsize car seat in a rear facing orientation is just not workable in my car.

1. not crazy about center mounting to use the manual seat belt
2. not above some fabrication to modernize the seating

Does anybody know of, or has used any means of installing LATCH system mounts?  That would include the upper anchor as well.  Some of you guys have to have been through this before me, what did you do?

Re: LATCH System retrofit.

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I believe Canadian cars had the LATCH system from the factory. It was mandatory here. The holes in your rear package tray may already be there
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If you pull the rear seat, there are holes marked as "T". In the factory manual, there was a number for a part to order for a "rear car seat teather kit" which included straps to be attached at rear behind the seat.

Not sure how much that helps, but every time I've had the trunk carpet stuff out I've seen it and wondered what it was for and then stumbled into it in the owner's manual.
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/JohnnyCarson Weird stuff, I did not know that!

Is the kit just for the lower attach points or for the tether anchor?