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Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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Which compressor is the HR980?  lol


Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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It's the flat ("pancake") one.

I have to figure out a way to get the a/c working in my '84 with the 3.8L V6. The HR980 compressor is stock but it's leaking big time. I'm changing the condenser, accumulator, orifice tube, and lines regardless. Evap core is fine.

I know there was another type used in late '84 (FS6?) that has the single, non-serpentine pulley and it's available with R-134 compatibility. Only problem is, I'd need to find the correct compressor/power steering pump bracket which is sort of a needle-in-the-haystack proposition. the local pick-and-pull, there is an '85 V6 Thunderbird with the full serpentine setup and the newer compressor. Not sure if I'd have to change all the other brackets and accessories though. I wouldn't mind the serpentine setup but it's definitely not stock and I'm trying to keep the stock 1984 appearance if possible.

The last option would be to use my new, correct HR980 compressor with Freeze12 (R12 substitute). I know that stuff is discontinued and expensive, but it would solve all the issues with the least amount of resistance. It would not future-proof my situation though...10 years down the road, this could happen again and I'd need to swap something out for R-134 regardless.

Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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I'm not familiar with that one.  On my 88 5.0 it has been holding and running years on R134, on the old original (I assume), compressor.  Good luck.

Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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Get the '85 setup. Need a new P/S hp hose. Need new compressor suction/pressure hoses. Easy peasy. The FS6 or the 6P148 both fit the bracket.

Also, you can still get R12, so just use that until the compressor grenades.

Edit: Looks like R12 is ~$50/lb on ebay.

Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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Well what I'm saying is...I have an NOS HR980 compressor that would be sweet to use. The current (old) one is leaking big time. But from what I'm reading the R134 conversion doesn't last long with that compressor because it's not built to handle the higher pressure required. So I'm at that point where the decision has to be made. I definitely don't want to grenade a new HR980, not at those prices, which is why staying with R12 is a really viable option and would get me another 10+ years of use.

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I'd get the HR980 and run R12 - not Freeze 12.

Is also get a new condenser to replace you current one if it's still tube/fin. That'll lower head pressure and improve performance. Not sure you can handle the visual difference though.

When you replace the compressor, replace the lines as well and have blow out the evaporator and condenser if you don't replace it. Since you have a leak, you've also leaked oil (and there is no way to know how much) so removing all the old stuff and starting from scratch is the correct way to do it.

That'll get you another 10-20 years out of it.

Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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That’s what I was leaning towards as well. Everything but the evap core is getting replaced anyway. I just need to know beforehand, which compressor and setup I need so I don’t start collecting the wrong parts. Keeping what I have makes things a lot more straightforward.

In the future I’ll probably start collecting parts for an alternate compressor in case I ever need to go this route again. Running R134 would be pretty awesome. But for now the stock setup can definitely work since the compressor is new and on hand.

Thanks man, always appreciate your insight with this sort of thing.

Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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Just to add more information:

Freeze 12 is 80% R134a and 20% R142b. The R142b is to make it miscable with the mineral oil. (R134a isn't miscable with mineral oil [it's like oil and water, compressor would oil starve]) You can use Freeze 12 as a substitute for R12 without changing the oil. However, head pressure will be similar to R134a - not a good idea for the HR980.

Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor

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