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87 tbird to sn95 swap complete!

I completed the sn95 brake axle spindle swap in ny87 tbird lx 5.0.  It was a success!!  Got a junker 98 mustang gt, rebuilt the 8.8 axle w/ 3.27 gear and traclock, transfered rear brake hoses and right to left rear brake line. Maximum motorsports front brake line conversion, PBR front calipers and rotors.  93 mustang cobra brake booster and master cylinder, 3 to 2 master cylinder line conversion from mm, removed old proportioning valve, replaced with adjustable prop valve.  Replaced ball joints with sn95 ball joints, Replaced tierods with mm bumpsteer tie rods, installed mm adjustable strut mounts. swapped the rear swaybar with the 98 rear swaybar.  Had to do a few modifications for fitment issues with brake lines.  Other than that, it was a success


Re: 87 tbird to sn95 swap complete!

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Next weekend I'm going to do this swap myself. I sourced all my parts from a 2003 car (except the master, booster and prop), and all Mach1 brakes. I'm going to have TONS of brake line fab to do with all the bubble flare parts coming in with the swap. I might also be the only person to ever do this and use a regular 75/25 disc/disc prop valve instead of an adjustable. I will also be getting rid of what is probably the world's jankiest 5 lug swap in the process.
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Re: 87 tbird to sn95 swap complete!

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I do know of a guy who did the SN95 PBR's like I did, used a 93 Cobra master and booster, and used the stock TC proportioning valve. It doesn't do too bad.
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