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88 Cougar driver seat motor

So this one has me stumped.  We have just installed a pair of 10" subwoofers and a 1000w amplifier in the trunk.  I have previously installed a sufficient 200a alternator just to cover all of our power needs (and then some).

Anyway the trouble came when my wife went to drive it later to test the speakers out and realized that the seat didnt move any longer (she couldn't reach the pedals).  All three switches might as well be dead.  Fuse checks out, though I could still change it for good measure

We have checked the seat motor to battery power and each position moves, and we were able to get voltage out of the harness when testing the seat switches with a voltmeter.  Am I doing something wrong or missing something here?  Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated

Re: 88 Cougar driver seat motor

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wiggle test the harness leading to the seat switch while actuating the switch itself.
wiggle test the harness leading to the motor itself while actuating the switch itself.

usually the problem will reveal itself doing this.

you mentioned you replaced the fuse,, there is no fuse, its a circuit breaker thermal resetting type.

inside each motor there is an additional self resetting thermal circuit breaker

verify the pass side still works as well.

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Sorry for the delay, bit hard to get some time to work on the car with the little ones.

Anyway, after much troubleshooting (checking the switch, ground, looking for pinched wires by the radio head unit when we installed the system, etc) we determined that somehow the power line to the switch was not working properly (when the switch was activated the voltage dropped to 0) could be the cb being weak and working ok for the locks but as soon as you go to operate the seat it just doesnt work.

I went ahead and made a line and hooked it up to the battery to test and hooked it up to positive on the switch for testing and the seat motor started working like new again.  Rather than looking into wiring or going back out to get a new breaker/fuse (can do later) I just ran that line off the battery and through the firewall hooked it up to the seat switch.

Re: 88 Cougar driver seat motor

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Of course! Just put an inline fuse holder in there. Good to go