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Sn95 steering knuckle issue

Im in the middle of installing the sn95 knuckle in my 87 tbird, the mounting of the strut to knuckle is different, am i suppose to use a sn95 strut of the same year as the sn95 knuckle?  Will the sn95 strut shaft fit in the maximum motorsport strut mount bearing?

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The mounting ears on the 10" brake cars are wider than those of the 11" brake and SN95 cars as you've discovered.

You can use spacers to make up for the gap, or use SN95 struts. Either option will work well.
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Re: Sn95 steering knuckle issue

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I found some washers that were 0.125in thick, and stacked 1 on each side of the spindle. The difference between the spindles is about 0.25in. I also had to cut a flat spot on said washers. So instead of them being a perfect circle, the were D-shaped.
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Re: Sn95 steering knuckle issue

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Ok cool, thanks for the info

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Just to clear things up, when you refer to the Maximum Motorsports strut mount bearing are you talking about the Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates?  If so then the answer is any Fox Bird, Cougar, Mustang, or Mercury Capris and the SN95 Mustang struts will work with them.

Word to the wise here, the SN95 struts have one more inch of travel than the Fox units so if the car is lowered run the Fox struts.

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