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'85 30th Anniversary T-bird

Your friendly neighborhood CL troller here again.  Listed in the SE Missouri area is an '85 30th Ann. T-bird with 30k original miles.  Says it's been sitting for a while and is sun-faded inside and out, but runs fine.  Says "make offer, need gone ASAP".  Only has 1 pic, and it doesn't look mint, but not bad either.  Listing ID is 6861336166.  Y'all check it out.  Later. 

Re: '85 30th Anniversary T-bird

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Were all '85 30th Anniv. Birds made in the same blue/gray paint scheme, and did they all get 5.0's?  They came pretty optioned out, too, right?  There's another one on CL in another area that has a price of like $7000.  I'm guessing the one I mentioned in the original post can be had for a fraction of that, probably a small fraction.  Wish I was in a position to make an offer.

Re: '85 30th Anniversary T-bird

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I pretty sure they  were all 5.0 cars, and most ive seen were ATC also.  Always that blue paint with grey trim, that was part of the package.  Special floor mats too.