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What's Up with Missing Pics?

First off, love the new look and format of the page.  Seems much easier to navigate as well.  I do notice that in some threads, attached pictures are not available to open, but instead there's some kind of image (like a printed page with a folded corner).  Can anyone tell me why that is?  I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere and I missed it.  I'll be reading a cool post and think I'm about to get to see the car the member is writing about, then get let down when I get the image.  Is it a setting somewhere on the page?  Or in my PC?  Thanks for your help.


Re: What's Up with Missing Pics?

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may i ask,,,
does it happen to have anything to do with cash? to the site to get files exported over?
this is as you already know rather frustrating to put it nicely.  I dont even want to update my build thread because of this issue.
not having pics omitted so much valuable information.

if its cash ,, help us find out how much

to be brutally honest, as its been said a few times but i will put it differently,  this board is worthless without pics.

Re: What's Up with Missing Pics?

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It is a technical issue.  Essentially the way the old vBulletin stored uploaded files is somewhat different from this new software. Alex has to write some custom scripts to translate and convert them all, and to then fix all the links to them. It sounds easy but it’s not. We’re not aware of any pre-made solution so that’s why it would be custom.

I can assure you that Alex is aware of the issue. I’m not going to speak on his behalf ...but I can say that he’s got a lot of things in his life going on right now and he would know best when he could work on it.

Re: What's Up with Missing Pics?

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i couldnt imagine wanting to touch that with any length pole.

i have an electrical estimate tool i hand made that gets fed from real past quotes of how much stuff really costs in order to fill in the parameters of all my macro's i wrote in vba.  All i have to do is do my estimate on one tab the run the macro,, it automatically goes out and checks copper prices for that day and a few other metals,, then auto populates 17 tabs and customizes the prices depending on "who" is the customer.

i am up to 1,793 lines of code so far across 18 disciplines associated to all things telecommunications facilities.
I still have yet to write the code for the tabs called security, architectural, and telemetry.

so,, i totally understand.  i started developing this tool in dec 2013,, finding time is difficult when you are just a mere human.