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Where can I buy a 83 cougar sending unit..

Searched everywhere to no avail......need a 83 cougar 302 sending unit with the low pressure pump. My housing is rotted apart

Re: Where can I buy a 83 cougar sending unit..

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So I do not remember what mine looked like on my '83 as I cut it up when I went to a carb and got rid of the pump.  All I wanted with the fuel sender to work as the tank is sumped.  Here is what I found on Cool Cats:

The part number for the fuel tank sender for and '83 is on there but the only one I have found is on ebay and it is waaay expensive and has no provision for an internal tank pump.  If you look at the '84 is says only serviced with pump which leads you to another part number and it can be found for a decent price:

It appears to have everything but I think the tanks are different between the model years 83-84/85 and 85/86-88 in that 85 appears to be a year in which the change was made and my guess here is that the external/internal fuel pump went to an internal only pump and this may have also been when the tank size was reduced.  Not sure if this will affect you one way or another but I would hope that your tank would be the right one for the part on ebay.

Anyhow, check out the link to the one on ebay for an '84 and hopefully it is the correct one.

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Re: Where can I buy a 83 cougar sending unit..

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My '84 has two pumps. The changeover was 1985 when Ford used a single, in-tank pump. Some people do a conversion in their earlier cars (and tbh, I'll probably do that as well). That might be another option.

Size-wise, the tanks were 20.6 gallons from 1983 through 1985. Then it went to 22.1 gallons for 1986-88.


Re: Where can I buy a 83 cougar sending unit..

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Thanks. I seen a $25 eBay nos. My last letters are DA the other is CA. Did repair mine. Just wondering how vital the low pressure pump is. Mine looks like it’s been out of service for years. Car ran fine. Noticed the rubber line was completely rotten so anything under 3/4 tank was probably sucking air. But so far I ordered a new tank and low pressure pump kit. See how it acts. Appreciate the help.