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Having Forum issues

Im having an issue with the forum, it keeps going back and forth with a text only format, i cleared the cache and history, still didnt work, any ideas?

Re: Having Forum issues

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On Google Chrome that is what fixed it for me. 

Might want to include what browser and operating system for the guys here?
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Re: Having Forum issues

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Be sure you are going to and not  So to clarify you need to use http: as I believe the old version was https: so drop the "s".

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Re: Having Forum issues

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Yeah, that sounds like the issue.

We're having a little difficulty getting the site moved over to secure for some unknown reason. SSL is in place but nothing resolves correctly. We'll eventually get it fixed. For now, the non-secure URL will work just fine.

Re: Having Forum issues

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I was also having issues using the site. It loaded as all text, and formatted kinda funny. Everything shifted to the left. I use google chrome as my browser.

Tried using mozilla, same problem. Went back to chrome and used the http:// NOT https:// and loads up just fine. Same story in mozilla. It just doesn't like the secure-site.

Thanks for all your effort Eric!

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