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Cracked my windsheild

So I was vacuuming out my 86 tbird. I had my window scraper in the front seat kinda wedged while I was vacuuming out the back seat, went to mean the front seat back forgetting about the window scrapper. Went to pull the window scraper out not realizing it was jammed and it kinda popped out, straight into the windsheild.

Big giant star on the passenger side.

Yeah, trying to be quick to save another $.75 I busted a $200 windsheild.
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I honestly dont think you could exceed the cost of a new car buy installing new *stock* parts everywhere in your coug our tbird. Its just plain impossible. You could revamp the entire drivetrain/engine/suspenstion and still come out ahead.
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Re: Cracked my windsheild

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Ugh.  Hate it when crap happens.

I had a sport gauge cluster out of a 77-79 Thunderbird I had been saving for probably 20 something years.  Last year it fell off the bench onto the concrete floor and shattered.  I am still bummed about it.
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Re: Cracked my windsheild

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Ooooohhhh, that sucks man. Sorry.

I did that once, trying to remove the chrome A-pillar trim from my first '84. It was stuck on the windshield really tightly so I pulled hard and put an instant crack on the driver's side edge. Wouldn't have cared but I was selling the car at the time. The eventual buyer insisted that it be replaced. So $150 for a new windshield, for a car that I wasn't even keeping. D'oh! 


Re: Cracked my windsheild

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That really does suck. I need a new windshield too. Mine has had a small rock chip in it since I got the car from the salvage yard years ago. I had it "repaired". It doesn't get bigger but it's still there. Time for a new one.
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Re: Cracked my windsheild

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assuming the 86 windshield is the same as the 87, they still make reproduction windshields for our cars.  I had safe lite out last year to replace mine after the previous owner knocked the rear view mirror off and it literally ripped a chunk out of the windshield. 

call your insurance, they might cover it for free...mine was replaced for free.